We Buy Used Cars

Our program is designed to get junk cars off lawns, keep them out of landfills, and get them to recycling centers.


What We Buy


In Bulk

We want to serve the Oceanside area as a whole. As such, we’ve always made it a priority to work with local business owners and take their needs into account. In this vein, we decided to make offers on multiple vehicles at the same time. This helps business owners who are in the process of replacing their fleet of company vehicles and has allowed us to buy from a business like taxi services, rental car agencies, and food delivery services. We also understand that company vehicles are driven hard and aren’t replaced until they are nearly broken down for good. For that reason, we buy vehicles in any condition.


Every Make

We buy foreign and domestic vehicles. We even buy vehicles from defunct manufacturers that are no longer supported by warehouses full of replacement parts. No matter what hood ornament your car sports, we want to hear from you! Every Model – We buy all the newest models of cars, with all the newest luxury features and safety features. We buy the older models too! You know the ones, with the crank windows, tape decks, and box frames. Whether you have keyless entry or your locks are so old you don’t even need a key to open them, we will make you a cash offer today.


Every Year

We buy cars from way back. We buy collectibles and old muscle cars. If you are a collector, looking to unload some of your less valuable pieces, give us a call today.


Difficult to Sell Vehicles

In an industry now dominated by hybrids and compacts, you might find it hard— if not impossible—to sell a large truck or SUV that has poor fuel efficiency.

The market for these types of vehicles has decreased to the point of near extinction. If you have had trouble connecting with a buyer, try us! We still regularly buy older trucks and SUVs that wouldn’t get a second glance on the consumer market.


Just About Anything

Although we can’t promise that we’ll buy your car, we can say that we rarely turn anyone away. If you have a vehicle that you need to sell, we will most likely make you an offer today!

Even if you have a car that doesn’t run, you can take advantage of our Cash for Junk Cars program!


If you have a used car that want to sell, there is no faster way to get cash in hand than to call us at Cash For Junk Cars Oceanside.

(760 ) 405 8001


Oceanside CA 92056 Phone Number: (760) 405-8001