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We are a local car buying company in Oceanside, CA. Call us today to receive a quote on your nice or junk car.

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About Us

We are Oceanside’s largest used car buying service. We are locally owned and operated, giving us the knowledge necessary to serve you best. We pride ourselves on our customer service and Oceansie residents have taken notice. Within the last three years we have become an industry leader in the used car buying industry. Our success has allowed us to expand our scope—now we are interested in just about every type of vehicle that you can imagine. We even buy junk cars! If you have a used car that want to sell, there is no faster way to get cash in hand than to call us at Cash For Junk Cars Oceanside.

What Sets Us Apart

The default way to sell a used vehicle tends to be posting it online and waiting for a response. If you’ve ever sold a car this way, then you know that it is far from ideal. Your time is too valuable to spend writing up your vehicle’s description, taking and uploading photos, and haggling through every lowball offer that comes your way. Do you really want to spend all of your free time for the next few months giving test drives to strangers who might not even offer you enough money to make it worth the your time? If you are looking for an alternative to the same old used car selling process, then look no further! We will save you time and stress. You could sell your vehicle to us in just a few days, without ever leaving your home. No hassles. No gimmicks. No strangers test driving your car everyday. That’s what sets us apart from selling your car on your own.

You might still be wondering: what makes Cash For Junk Cars Oceanside different than every other service in the used car buying business? The answer lies in our company values. When we started this company, we knew that we had to establish a reputation that ran counter to the stereotypes associated with other used car buyers. As such, we maintain a team of friendly, honest employees who are trained to earn your trust through good business practices. We will never pressure you to sell. We won’t quote you a price that we have no intention of paying. And, most of all, we will never lie to get your business. We are simply the fastest way to sell a used car in the Oceanside area.


"My Jeep was costing an arm and a leg to drive around, getting 12 mpg. I wanted to get a new car, but knew that listing the Jeep on a classifieds site wasn't likely to get me half of what I wanted. I went to this company and got more than I expected for it."

Patrick M.